Engine and Driveline Problems Solved

Pro Maintenance Additives distribute a range of highly concentrated, low “treat rate” fuel and oil additives that can save you $1000’s in repairs and maintenance over the life of your equipment, and gain many more $1000’s in resale value. These products are a result of over 30 years of research, development and testing in real-life situations, including long-haul transport operations, large scale mining, and off-road motoring.

Solving problems for

Engine Blow-by

What causes Engine Blow-by? Engine blow-by is caused by compression pressure in the combustion chamber escaping into the crankcase past stuck piston rings and/or glazed [...]

Excessive Engine Oil Use

Normally, excessive engine oil use is caused by fouling deposits in the combustion chamber. These deposits are often carbon from unburnt fuel. Over time they [...]

Does FTC Decarbonizer Really Work?

To answer the question "Does FTC Decarbonizer really work?", take a look at these photos - This photo is of a cylinder from a Caterpillar [...]

Exhaust Smoke

If your vehicle or machine has exhaust smoke coming from anywhere, you have a problem! The color of diesel engine exhaust smoke and when it [...]

Common Rail Diesel Injector Rattle

Common Rail Diesel (CRD) Injected engines have been developed and introduced to meet the latest emission standards. Wonderful news for the world we live in! [...]