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Pro Maintenance Additives LLC was established to fill the essential need to provide the North American market with some of the world’s most effective and cost saving automotive fuel and oil additives.

These additives have their roots in Brisbane, Australia, being developed by Cost Effective Maintenance Services, and are a result of decades of scientific research and testing in many industry fields, including major mining sites and the trucking/transport industry. Since 1984, Cost Effective Maintenance Services goal has been to provide their customers with the lowest cost SOLUTIONS to their maintenance problems. Thousands of engines have been saved from expensive rebuilds, and transmissions, hydraulics, differentials and final drives have achieved exceptionally long service lives just by utilizing the benefits of these additives.

Founder and CEO of Pro Maintenance Additives LLC, Scott Sticklen is a native-born and raised Australian. With over 40 years experience as a fully qualified auto mechanic and auto repair shop owner, Scott is totally conversant with the multitude of problems that vehicle and machinery owners and operators face on an almost daily basis.

A Solution to Expensive Mechanical Problems

In 2005 Scott discovered these exceptional products while on a desperate hunt for a solution to many of his customers vehicle’s concerns – particularly engine sludge issues and problems caused by carbon build up (stuck piston rings, blow-by etc), as well as regularly failing fuel injectors and excessive engine oil use in many engines. These problems were costing his customers far too much in expensive and time consuming major repairs.

To his satisfaction, he found that these additives worked as claimed –

  • Engines could be de-sludged quickly and effectively with almost negligible downtime, resulting in clean, smooth operation, with oil-control rings effectively refreshed, restored oil pressure, and increased long-term lubricating effectiveness of the oil,
  • Many hard carbon issues like stuck piston rings and glazed cylinders could be overcome in a cost effective way,
  • Dirty, sticking, or clogged fuel injectors, both gasoline and diesel, could be brought back to ‘like-new’ operation with just a few applications – resulting in increased power and fuel efficiency,
  • Coked Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF‘s), and turbo chargers could be returned to fully operational condition, not to mention the positive results on previously condemned smoky and “worn-out” engines!

Over the ensuing years, Scott used the products in many of his customers vehicles, as well as his own, to effectively maintain and prolong their operational life. To suggest that Scott and his customers were fans of this range of products would be an understatement.

Scott SticklenASE Master Service Technician

Products Now Available In USA & Canada

In early 2017, Scott moved permanently to the United States, and made his home in Utah. To his dismay though, he discovered he could not readily obtain his favorite automotive product. He contacted his friends, Brid and Jimmy, the owners of Cost Effective Maintenance Services in Australia to enquire about the logistics of getting these products for his personal needs. This discussion quickly developed, and soon the plan was in place for Scott, because of his extensive experience and knowledge of the products, coupled with his business acumen, to form Pro Maintenance Additives LLC and become the distributor of these highly effective products across the United States and Canada.

Soon after, the distribution of these outstanding products began from Pro Maintenance Additives Utah facility, and are now available direct to the U.S.A and Canada market. The products are available in many bottle sizes and combinations, and can be ordered online or by calling and speaking with a team member. Free shipping* (standard express) within the 48 contiguous States of the U.S., and low cost shipping to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii make it easy and cost-efficient to get orders delivered as quickly as possible.

Free standard shipping across the Lower 48 States*

Find out more about how these highly effective additives can solve many of your vehicle or equipment problems: contact Pro Maintenance Additives, either call, text or email .

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