Common Rail Diesel Injector Rattle

common rail diesel injectors ultra low sulfur dieselCommon Rail Diesel (CRD) Injected engines have been developed and introduced to meet the latest emission standards. Wonderful news for the world we live in! However, with the addition of this new technology and the introduction and constant modification of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, there are a flood of horror stories about CRD problems!

What is Common Rail Diesel Injector  rattle?

The most common of these problems is Injector Rattle…

The sound will remind you of rapid machine gun-type rattle, or even excessive valve tappet noise. CRD systems run incredibly fine tolerances, and are highly stressed due to enormous pressures (we’re talking above 25,000PSI!) and extremely high operating temperatures. Because of the extremely fine tolerances and super-high temperatures in CRD systems, CRD Injectors often stick because of inherently low lubricity of the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel. This condition causes “Injector Rattle” . This is a very serious problem and requires immediate attention to avoid expensive damage (Think sticking injectors causing gross over-fueling resulting in melted pistons!)

Contaminated  diesel fuel can cause expensive problems

Unlike the diesel injector systems used previously, CRD systems, including injectors and pumps, are totally unforgiving when it comes to fuel contamination. Very small amounts of water or contamination will wreck pumps and injectors. They’re pretty much non-repairable, so that means new components. CRD fuel pumps and injectors don’t come cheap – usually around $1,000 per injector just for starters…

  • injectors fouled by contaminants – incorrect spray patterns cause a host of problems including loss of engine power, poor performance, excessive diesel smoke, excessive fuel consumption.
  • injectors seized due to lack of lubrication – caused by Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel, produces over-fuelling which creates detonation inside the combustion chamber, which, if not corrected, will result in melted pistons! BIG $$$

If you hear Injector Rattle from your CRD engine – alarm bells should be going off!

That’s the bad news…

Ultra Low cost solution to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel problems

Here’s the good news – a low cost, extremely effective solution to most CRD problems is available!

CRD Fuel Enhancer is the real life FIX for most Common Rail, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel problems!

CRD Fuel Enhancer cleans fuel pump and injector deposits, and disperses contaminants as they form. This concentrated product is proven to clean the entire fuel system, restore power and economy, boost diesel fuel lubrication properties, and provide exceptional anti-rust protection to pumps and injectors. It is a total CRD fuel system treatment!

(Had gasoline in your diesel? CRD Fuel Enhancer might just still save your pump and injectors!)

CRD Fuel Enhancer – Which size do I need?2021-01-23T13:19:33-07:00

Choose the most appropriate size CRD Fuel Enhancer for your particular need. Various size options are available –

CRD Fuel Enhancer is added directly to the diesel fuel tank.

As a rule of thumb, and depending on the miles per gallon (MPG) the vehicle achieves, the following is usually helpful in determining which size is most suitable for your application –

  • 8oz & 16oz  – this is usually enough to treat cars & small to medium SUV’s, small trucks, etc
  • 32oz & 64oz – this is usually enough to treat medium trucks, RV’s, 4 Wheel-drives, etc
  • 1 Gallon – this is usually enough to treat large trucks & machinery, Fleet & workshops, etc

ULS Diesel Enhancer Lineup


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