Engine Blow-by

Extreme engine blowby, truckers blowby pack fix blowby

What causes Engine Blow-by?

Engine blow-by is caused by compression pressure in the combustion chamber escaping into the crankcase past stuck piston rings and/or glazed bores, and consequently over-pressurizing the crankcase. This condition can cause all sorts of exasperation for truckers and heavy machinery operators, as well as every-day car, boat and light commercial vehicle owners! Usually engine blow-by would suggest a very expensive engine rebuild – often setting you back anywhere up to $50,000, depending on the machine. Excessive engine oil use and oil seal leaks are also typically associated with crankcase blow-by.

So what is the fundamental cause for this condition of stuck piston rings and glazed cylinder bores?
The answer – In the vast majority of cases the engines are heavily fouled with CARBON and SLUDGE!

That’s the bad news

engine sludge piston hard carbon truckers blowby pack

What solves Engine Blow-by?

Here’s the good news – You don’t have to spend huge amounts of hard earned money and lose valuable time having a complete engine rebuild. The solution is to restore the engine to a clean and carbon free condition – without hardly raising a wrench to it! Low cost, no downtime! Use Flushing Oil Concentrate with FTC Decarbonizer, and in the vast majority of cases, your engine will reduce blow-by and oil use. Low cost, and the blow-by problem is solved while you continue to operate your vehicle or machine! This is the engine blow-by fix!

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A low cost, effective way to fix blow-by, with minimum downtime. Find out how here

Blowby Pack – Which size do I need?2021-01-25T12:18:58-07:00

Choose the most appropriate size Truckers Blowby Pack for your particular need. 5 size choices are available – Mini, Mini Plus, Small, Medium or Large Pack

Mini Pack contains:Mini Truckers Blowby Pack Option 1

  • 32oz FTC Decarbonizer
  • 8oz Flushing Oil Concentrate

This is usually enough to treat cars and light trucks, small tractors, stationary generators etc.
Sufficient for vehicles with up to 16 quarts (4 gallons/19 liters) oil capacity and achieving approximately 15 MPG (15L/100km) or better.

Mini Plus Pack contains:Truckers Blowby Mini Plus Pack Option 1

  • 64oz FTC Decarbonizer
  • 16oz Flushing Oil Concentrate

This is suitable for mid-size vehicles and machinery; light trucks, medium tractors and machinery, etc. with up to 32 quarts (8 gallons/38 liters) oil capacity and achieving approximately 15MPG (15L/100km).

Small Pack contains:Truckers Blowby Pack Small Option 1

  • 1 gallon FTC Decarbonizer
  • 32oz Flushing Oil Concentrate

This is usually enough to treat larger vehicles and machinery, medium to heavy trucks, large machinery etc. Sufficient for vehicles with over 64 quarts (16 gallons/76 liters) oil capacity and achieving less than approximately 15 MPG (15L/100km).

Medium Pack contains:Truckers Blow-by Pack Medium Option 1

  • 2 gallons FTC Decarbonizer
  • 32oz Flushing Oil Concentrate

This pack suits long-haul, OTR type applications where large amounts of fuel are consumed over a short period of time.

Large Pack contains:Truckers Blowby Large Pack Option 1

  • 4 gallons FTC Decarbonizer
  • 64oz Flushing Oil Concentrate

This pack is suitable for small fleet operators with up to 3 or 4 trucks, or a combination of different types of machines, e.g. truck, excavator, dozer, crane etc.


(1 quart = 950ml, 1 liter = 33.8 ounces)


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