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EZYPOR Liquid Measure

Perfect measuring device, allows safe and easy dispensing. Fits any plastic bottle with a 28 millimeter cap thread. (soda bottle) $9.95

Great addition to FTC Decarbonizer and Marine Diesel Stabilizer 16oz and 32oz bottles. Adds a perfect measuring device to these bottles, and allows safe and easy dispensing! So easy to use! Accurate measuring! No mess dispensing!EZYPOR - precise measure, accurate, no leaks, no drips

  • Child-proof caps!

  • Fully sealed – stays on the bottle till empty!

  • Excess drips go back into the bottle!

  • Measures in 5 milliliter increments up to 20 milliliters!

  • Re-usable – only buy it once for each product!

You only need to purchase EZYPOR once. It simply screws on and replaces the original bottle cap, and it seals just as the original cap would. The caps are child proof – both where it screws onto the bottle, and also on its own cap. Fit the EZYPOR device, and gently squeeze the bottle which fills up the clear plastic chamber in 5 milliliter increments up to 20 milliliters, allowing for a precise measure.

Once you remove the EZYPOR cap a spring loaded spout protrudes a little from the device. A non-return valve prevents the liquid returning to the bottle as you up-end the bottle to dispense the additive. This allows you to only dispense the amount of additive you’ve chosen, and no more. A very simple and easy to use device; no leaks, no drips, no dirty hands, no smells. An easy, convenient, and accurate measure for FTC Decarbonizer and Marine Diesel Stabilizer 16 & 32 ounce bottles.

Cut approx .5″ – 1″ long


Measure and cut the pick-up tube to the correct length for the bottle you are attaching the EZYPOR to. It’s best to make the tube just marginally longer (0.5″/13 mm) so that it extends completely to the bottom of the bottle – this ensures you can get the very last drops from the bottle as it empties.


Ensure the top cap of the EZYPOR is fitted securely. Remove the existing bottle cap and screw the EZYPOR on the bottle. Make sure it is on tightly – it has a child-proof cap system and will turn freely once it is tightened enough. To test for leaks, ensure the top cap is screwed on, and gently squeeze the bottle. If no air can be heard escaping, it’s good to go.

Ezypor extension nozzle, pop out nozzle, pour, no messRemove the top child-proof cap. The extension nozzle pops up to enable easy pouring into small openings.

Gently squeeze the bottle. The liquid in the bottle moves up the tube and starts to fill the reservoir. Stop squeezing when the correct level is reached (max of 20 milliliters per measure). The reservoir is marked in 5 milliliter increments to a maximum of 20 milliliters on one side, and a 1/2 ounce measure on the other side.

Invert the bottle and pour out the liquid. A valve inside the EZYPOR prevents any more liquid from coming out of the bottle while it is inverted. This ensures an accurate measure.

When you return the bottle to upright, any drips get trapped by the pop-up nozzle. When the cap is replaced, the nozzle pushes down and returns the drip to the reservoir.

Replace the child proof cap, pressing down firmly to start as the spring loaded extension nozzle will resist a little. Now you’re finished – clean hands, no smell, and the right amount! Keep the EZYPOR on the bottle. It is sealed and is designed to stay on the bottle. When your product runs out, you can re-use it for the next one!

Perfect for many other applications – mixing 2-stroke engine oils, herbicides, cleaning agents, household chemicals etc! Purchase it seperately, or add to shopping cart when buying our products!

* Note – If the bottle does not have a thread length of at least 1/2″ (13 millimeters), a leak can occur. In the picture, the bottle on the right hand side lacks adequate thread length and could possibly leak. To remedy this, it is recommended to use the supplied washer – place the washer inside the EZYPOR threaded section until it is snug against the bottom flat surface. Screw the EZYPOR tightly on to the bottle, and test again for air escaping as described above. Tighten as necessary.

Ensure the EZYPOR reservoir is empty and the bottle is in an upright position when storing. Where possible, especially if using with FTC Decarbonizer or Marine Diesel Stabilizer, avoid storing in direct sunlight and any areas with high temperature exposure.

It is important to not swap your EZYPOR from one product bottle to a different product bottle; example FTC Decarbonizer and herbicides etc. The cross contamination from product to product can have an unintended harmful effect on the components the product comes in contact with. We strongly recommend having one EZYPOR for each individual product, and just swapping to the replacement product bottle when needed.


Disclosure: Combining chemicals can be dangerous!  It is NOT RECOMMENDED to use the same EZYPOR for dispensing different chemicals. Chemical resistance is  based on use of common domestic liquids and fuel additives. Although industrial chemicals may be used with EZYPOR,  no guarantee is offered and must be tested prior to use.

Disclaimer – By purchasing the product the buyer agrees that Pro Maintenance Additives LLC or EZYPOR (NZ) Ltd. cannot be held responsible for possible resulting harm to humans or appliances, as neither Pro Maintenance Additives LLC or EZYPOR (NZ) Ltd. have control over the actions of the purchaser or user.