Choose the most appropriate size Cleanpower for your particular need. Various size options are available –

Cleanpower Super-concentrated Fuel Treatment is added directly to the fuel tank (diesel or gasoline) at time of fill up.

It is recommended to use a ‘double dose’ (1:4000) for the first few tankfuls of fuel, so that it can do a thorough job of removing tough deposits on injector tips quickly. After that, the single dose rate (1:8000) can be used to continue to clean further deposits, and to keep the complete fuel system clean, and the injectors delivering fuel as designed by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Continued use will ensure maximum fuel efficiency & power, smooth engine operation,  and less harmful emissions/exhaust smoke – all resulting in longer engine life and lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Initial treatment rate: 1:4000

Large diesel engines: Detroit, Mack, Cat, large Cummins etc
Add 3oz per 100 gallons of fuel for the first 200 gallons of fuel (100ml per 400 liters of fuel)

Thereafter (rate 1:8000): add 1.5oz per 100 gallons of fuel (50ml per 400 liters of fuel)

Small diesel & gasoline engines:
Add 0.3oz per 10 gallons for the first 20 gallons of fuel (10ml per 40 liters of fuel)

Thereafter (rate 1:8000): add 0.15oz per 10 gallons of fuel (5ml per 40 liters of fuel)

As a rule of thumb, and depending on the miles per gallon (MPG) the vehicle achieves, the following is usually helpful in determining which size is most suitable for your application –

  • 8oz & 16oz sizes – Suitable for cars & small to medium SUV’s, small trucks, etc
  • 32oz & 64oz sizes – Suitable for medium trucks, RV’s, 4 Wheel-drives, etc
  • 1 Gallon, 2.5 Gallons, & 20 Liters – Suitable for large trucks & machinery, Fleet & workshops etc

Cleanpower Fuel and injector cleaner(32 ounces = 950ml, 1 liter = 33.8 ounces)