Flushing Oil Concentrateflushing oil concentrate remove sludge from engine is possibly the most effective and safe treatment in removing harmful and performance draining sludge, hard carbon, soot and other contaminants and deposits from oil-wetted engine components. It contains a highly concentrated selection of specific detergents and dispersants, (not abrasive and corrosive solvents) which enable lubricating oils to pick up and suspend deposits as a fine dispersion. In such a way, sludge, gum, dirt and wear metals are removed with the oil change. By following the recommended treatment instructions, the very best possible results from Flushing Oil Concentrate can be achieved. Treatment instructions are included with the product, as well as online. Find out more here…

problem solved!


Chevy Astro low oil pressure

“Our old, yet mostly reliable 1997 Astro van has had a progressively worsening
low oil pressure problem for a long time. At idle, oil pressure sat around 30psi, and at higher RPM, it could only manage just over 40psi. Highly recommended by a friend, I did the engine flush with Flushing Oil Concentrate. The very first start with new oil, and immediately the oil pressure at idle was 55psi. At highway RPM it now sits solidly on 60psi. I couldn’t be happier with the result! Awesome product, awesome result. Thanks.”

Nathan A, San Francisco, CA