flushing oil concentrate cool engine overheatingLubricating oil has 2 often-overlooked, yet very important functional requirements – It has to COOL and it has to CLEAN the engine components it is in contact with. Full, unrestricted flow of clean oil to all engine components is essential to provide proper cooling and lubricating ability to the engine. A highly effective way to keep an engine cool is to remove all sludge and oil contaminants by regularly using Flushing Oil Concentrate at time of oil change. Nothing else matches it. Seriously! Find out here…

problem solved!

Cleaner & Cooler Cummins

“I used the Flushing Oil Concentrate in my 1997 Dodge Ram Cummins. Amazing result! The oil on the
dipstick stayed really clean – never seen that before. And it runs a lot cooler now, especially when towing the 5th wheel. Many thanks!”

 Dana Z, Santaquin, UT