flushing oil concentrate oil engine flushDecades of research and development have allowed Flushing Oil Concentrate to be totally effective at restoring pristine cleanliness to all internal engine components. It is possibly the most effective and safe treatment in removing harmful and performance draining sludge, hard carbon, soot and other contaminants and deposits from oil-wetted engine components. Extend the life of your engine – use Flushing Oil Concentrate at every oil change. Find out more here…

problem solved!

Would never have believed this

“200,000 miles on the build, this engine puts out 650 hp and 1650 lb/ft of torque, the dipstick is after one treatment of your Flushing Oil (Concentrate) treatment product. I thought I was rolling the dice when I got your products and would never have believed this. There it is right there, in the picture, the dipstick after it was run up and warmed and driven for about 10 miles. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the product FTC Decarbonizer will do for my truck as well as the fleet of equipment that I take care of. I’m sure we will be a customer for many years to come. I manage a fleet of equipment here in Colorado. I took the dipstick down and showed it to the owner because, well, you just have to see it to believe it.”

Phil P, CO