flushing oil concentrate oil engine flushFlushing Oil Concentrate is not just another harmful solvent based, off-the-shelf engine flush that you simply pour into the engine and forget about. Decades of research and development have produced this remarkably effective, totally safe to use product. Flushing Oil Concentrate is a highly concentrated, specialized detergent-based treatment, designed specifically to do a tough job, a job that most other available treatments just cannot do. Nothing else comes close. Seriously! Find out more here…

problem solved!

Cleaner & Cooler Cummins

“I used the Flushing Oil Concentrate in my 1997 Dodge Ram Cummins. Amazing result! The oil on the
dipstick stayed really clean – never seen that before. And it runs a lot cooler now, especially when towing the 5th wheel. Many thanks!”

 Dana Z, Santaquin, UT