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Stop Smoke Diesel Pack

Exhaust smoke is an engine symptom to be concerned about. It indicates that an engine is not running right, and its service life is likely to be shortened considerably, unless something is done to address the problem. The important thing to do is to see it as an opportunity to take measures that will save you money in both the long term and also the short term. The good news is that before spending a lot of money having fuel injectors replaced, fuel pumps overhauled, turbochargers replaced, or an engine rebuild, often there is a cost effective way to stop the exhaust smoke problems your engine is having. Usually the problem can be solved by using FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, and Cleanpower (or CRD Fuel Enhancer). Find out more here…

problem solved!

Duramax problems solved

“My 2008 Chevrolet Duramax, with only 129,000 miles, was running badly and intermittently blowing clouds of black smoke at highway speeds. It had bad power loss above 65 mph – usually no throttle response above this speed. Also, it felt and sounded like the turbo was constantly surging at any speed. Over the last couple months I’ve been using FTC Decarbonizer and CRD Fuel Enhancer in the diesel fuel, and it has made a tremendous difference! No black smoke! Running so much smoother, full power again, and I’m getting 2.5 mpg better fuel mileage! I’m looking forward to the results I get from the Flushing Oil Concentrate. Great products that do as you said they would. Really appreciate your help.”

Ryan D, Lawrenceburg, TN

Noticeably less smoke

“I did the oil flush with great results as far as noticeable sludge. While not 100% free of sludge (oil now has slight dark grey tinge, but does not stain fingers when rubbing together), but the difference before and after is really striking, great product! The performance and lowering amount of smoke at start up are noticeable & engine seems quieter.
Other than sludgy oil, my main concern was a bit of blue haze I’m getting driving up grades when the engine is under load. I believe I am burning a bit of oil, not noticeable on the dipstick level or anything, but that blue haze is a tell-tale sign. After the flush, the blue haze was only just noticeable, but I think it may be as I drive more, it’s possibly improving (Cleanpower working?) I am not even half way through my first tank of Cleanpower, as I haven’t been driving tons.
Yes I do want the FTC Decarbonizer!”

 Christian K, Oakland, CA