Not sure which pack size to get? Choose the most appropriate size Overheating Value Pack for your particular need – Standard or Large Pack.

The pack contains AW10 Antiwear, which provides a massive strength increase to engine, transmission and hydraulic oils. In doing so, there is a huge reduction in frictional heat generation allowing components to remain much cooler.
The Flushing Oil Concentrate in this pack dissolves and suspends contaminants, and sludge, allowing lubricating oil to flow more freely, dissipating heat, effectively resulting in cooler running temperatures and longer service life.

This Value Pack is available in 2 different size combinations:

Standard Pack
contains –Overheating Value Pack Standard Pack

This Pack is cost effective and suitable for small to medium vehicles/engines with an engine oil capacity of up to 16 quarts (4 gallons/19 liters). Not only is this Pack particularly popular with many Four-Wheel Drive enthusiasts who often push their vehicles to the limits in extremely harsh conditions, but it is a ‘must-have‘ by operators of medium size pick-up trucks that regularly tow large trailers and 5th wheels. These products help keep temperatures under control in the engine, automatic transmission, and differentials, and ensure reliable performance under very heavy working conditions!

Large Pack contains –Overheating Value Pack Large

This Pack is  suitable for medium to large vehicles/engines with an engine oil capacity of up to 64 quarts (16 gallons/76 liters), and large capacity transmissions (automatic or manual), differentials, final drives, transfer cases, and hydraulics. This Pack is recommeded for large heavy duty, hard-working vehicles and machinery, e.g. full-size trucks, 18-Wheelers, earthmoving and excavating machinery, etc.


(1 quart = 950ml, 1 liter = 33.8 ounces)