Choose the most appropriate size Truckers Blow-by Pack for your particular need. 4 size choices are available – Mini, Small, Medium or Large Pack

The Truckers Blow-by Pack is our most popular Value Pack, mainly because of the positive results it achieves in effectively reducing engine blow-by and increasing engine efficiency. The pack contains 2 very effective products –

  • FTC Decarbonizer is a unique fuel catalyst – it enhances the combustion process of diesel fuel, causing the fuel to burn much more completely (therefore much less soot formed), as well as oxidizing (burning off) all existing hard carbon within the combustion area, including piston crowns and ring grooves, cylinder walls (deglazes the cylinders), turbochargers etc.
  • Flushing Oil Concentrate has a great effect on un-sticking piston rings, especially the oil-control ring. By removing hard baked on sludge and carbon from the oil-control ring, the ring can once again seal correctly against the cylinder wall, reducing engine blow-by and oil use.

The Truckers Blow-by Pack is available in 4 different size combinations:

Mini Pack contains –Truckers Blow-by Pack Mini

This pack is suitable for smaller vehicles and machinery; cars and light trucks, tractors, stationary generators, etc. with up to 16 quarts (4 gallons/19 liters) oil capacity and achieving approximately 15MPG (15L/100km) or better.

Small Pack contains –Truckers Blow-by Pack Small

This pack is suitable for larger vehicles and machinery; medium to heavy trucks, large machinery, etc. with up to 64 quarts (16 gallons/76 liters) oil capacity and achieving less than approximately 15MPG (15L/100km). This Small Pack is most popular with Truckers and Marine operators.

Medium Pack contains –Truckers Blow-by Pack Medium

This pack is most suitable for trucks etc. that cover a lot of miles relatively quickly, e.g. long distance OTR Truckers. The 2.5 gallons of FTC Decarbonizer keeps these trucks on the road for a long period of time without needing to reorder as often, allowing for the full benefit of the onging de-carbonizing effect, ultimately removing all engine-destroying hard carbon from the combustion chamber.

Large Pack contains –Truckers Blow-by Pack Large


(1 quart = 950ml, 1 liter = 33.8 ounces)