Choose the most appropriate size Ultimate Gasoline Pack for your particular need. 2 choices are available – Small Pack or Large Pack

Small Pack contains:Ultimate Gasoline Pack - Small Pack

  • 32oz FTC Decarbonizer
  • 8oz Flushing Oil Concentrate
  • 8oz Cleanpower
  • 32oz AW10 Antiwear

This pack has been developed for small to medium diesel powered vehicles with up to approximately 16 quarts (4 gallons/19 liters) of engine oil capacity, and larger capacity transmissions and multiple differentials. Typical vehicles include diesel powered cars, 4-Wheel drives, many medium size diesel powered pick-up trucks, small agricultural tractors, etc.

Large Pack contains:Ultimate Gasoline Pack Large

  • 1 gallon FTC Decarbonizer
  • 16oz Flushing Oil Concentrate
  • 32oz Cleanpower
  • 1 gallon AW10 Antiwear

This pack has been developed for most larger engines with large transmissions, multiple large differentials, final drives, and hydraulic systems. Typical vehicles include large heavy duty, hard-working vehicles and machinery, e.g. 18-Wheelers, large dump trucks, cement trucks, earthmoving and excavating machinery, large agricultural tractors etc.


(1 quart = 950ml, 1 liter = 33.8 ounces)