truckers blowby pack reduce blowby fix blowbyThe answer is to introduce a very effective, easy to use, two-part package that directly addresses the root cause of blow-by. The first step safely dissolves, disperses and removes problem deposits by using an extremely effective detergent/dispersant type flushing oil concentrate to remove all contaminants from the engine, including sludge and gum from the oil-control rings. The second step introduces a ‘decarbonizer‘ into the fuel, which, during the combustion process, actively oxidizes (burns off) ‘top end’ hard carbon deposits, including carbon build up in the piston rings grooves, and carbon build up in the cylinder cross hatch (cylinder glaze). Find out more here…

problem solved!

Saved an engine overhaul

“I want to thank you for putting out a product I can truly say has saved me money. I repair and sell Grasshopper Lawn mowers and love their Kubota Diesels and have had a few of them that have not been taken care of, but instead of having to tear them down and rebuild them, I added the FTC Decarbonizer and the Flushing Oil Concentrate, and was blown away with the results of my first application, before I put the additives in the one mower I truly thought I was going to have to take apart. I ran it for a month and during that time, I noticed less and less blow-by and it had the power to cut thick thatch with no problem. I just wanted to let you know what good products you have.”

Rich M, Swansea, IL