ftc decarbonizer reduce oil useNormally, an engine will burn oil because of fouling deposits in the combustion chamber. These deposits are often carbon from unburnt fuel, and have built up over time, solidifying as hard carbon in the piston ring grooves and cylinder cross-hatch. This causes stuck piston rings and glazed cylinders, resulting in engine oil being burned during the combustion process. The solution is to oxidize/burn off these deposits with the very effective fuel catalyst, FTC Decarbonizer. Find out more here…

problem solved!

5.9 Cummins oil consumption solved

“Just a note to say the truck (5.9 Cummins) is running much better and smoother. The oil is still normal and clean after 600-plus miles, oil consumption is much lower now as well, and fuel eco is up. The Blow-by Pack has worked as you said it would. Thanks!”

Marc M, Chico, CA