Flushing Oil ConcentrateEngine-destroying sludge accumulates in the oil over time, often a result of carbon contaminants (combustion waste) entering the oil, as well as extended oil drain intervals coupled with poor maintenace schedules. A highly effective, low cost way of removing engine-destroying sludge is to use Flushing Oil Concentrate at every oil change. Flushing Oil Concentrate dissolves and suspends all sludge deposits (even the hard, baked-on type) within the engine. Find out here…

problem solved!

2000 W900L 12.7 Detroit results

“I did the engine flush today, the oil I put in for it came out as black as the old oil. Before, it was running down the road at 35-40 psi, idling at 25-30 psi oil pressure. Now since the flush and a new brand of oil, it runs down the road at 45-50 psi and idles about 40-45 psi, still has some blow-by but it will really tell when I put load behind it tomorrow morning. Can’t complain for a 950,000 mile 19 year old engine. It’s a 2000 W900L 12.7 Detroit, right around 954,000 miles on original engine. I can tell that it knocked the blow by down, I’m pretty impressed at what the (Flushing Oil) Concentrate can do, still ran at those psi’s loaded.”

Shively LLC, OH