Dec 29, 2021

Saskatchewan Supplier

Pro Maintenance Additives are excited to welcome Ag West Service Ltd as their Saskatchewan, Canada Supplier! Located in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Ag West Service  have operated a very successful service, parts, and repair business since 1999.

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Apr 23, 2021

Canada Supplier

Pro Maintenance Additives are excited to welcome Integ Distributors as their Canada Supplier! Located in Alberta, Integ Distributors are a respected and long standing family owned and operated business. Along with all the other products and

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Feb 7, 2021

Black Death of Engines: Sludge

Engine sludge is a very common and also very costly problem. Many automotive mechanics call this the Black Death of Engines. Engine sludge forms equally in both gasoline and diesel engines! What is Engine Sludge?

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Jan 17, 2021

Diesel Problems in Boats & Yachts

What causes many unnecessary marine diesel engine breakdowns? One of the main marine-diesel engine breakdown issues is blocked and contaminated fuel systems. The modern ULSD (Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel) diesel fuel is clearly formulated differently to

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Mar 27, 2020

A Real Solution to Engine Blow-by

Engine blow-by is due in a large degree to the progressive accumulation of deposits throughout several parts of engines. Piston ring grooves, cylinder walls, valves, diesel injectors, diesel particulate filters, turbochargers and exhaust gas recirculation

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Mar 20, 2020

Engine Blow-by

What causes Engine Blow-by? Engine blow-by is caused by compression pressure in the combustion chamber escaping into the crankcase past stuck piston rings and/or glazed bores, and consequently over-pressurizing the crankcase. This condition can cause

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Mar 13, 2020

Excessive Engine Oil Use

Normally, excessive engine oil use is caused by fouling deposits in the combustion chamber. These deposits are often carbon from unburnt fuel. Over time they can become rock hard and can cause significant damage to

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Mar 6, 2020

Does FTC Decarbonizer Really Work?

To answer the question "Does FTC Decarbonizer really work?", take a look at these photos - This photo is of a cylinder from a Caterpillar 3508 diesel engine at 8,000 hours. It was used in

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Feb 28, 2020

The Science Behind FTC Decarbonizer

In 1944, research scientists were working on organo-metallic materials as an octane booster in gasoline. Their work concentrated on a group of chemicals classified as metal based combustion catalysts. One chemical in particular, ferrous picrate,

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Feb 21, 2020

Exhaust Smoke

If your vehicle or machine has exhaust smoke coming from anywhere, you have a problem! The color of diesel engine exhaust smoke and when it occurs can tell you a lot about your engine’s condition.

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Feb 7, 2020

Common Rail Diesel Injector Rattle

Common Rail Diesel (CRD) Injected engines have been developed and introduced to meet the latest emission standards. Wonderful news for the world we live in! However, with the addition of this new technology and the

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Jan 31, 2020

Oil Soot, Carbon, & Blow-by Issues

Cat, Cummins, Mack & Detroit oil soot, carbon & blow-by issues Normal diesel engine operation, but more particularly, starting, become increasingly more problematic as engine deposits build up over time, especially during cold weather. Types

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Jan 24, 2020

Diesel Particulate Filter Problems

Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - and how to solve them Most modern diesel engines are now fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) to further reduce noxious exhaust emissions. Although this is a great step forward

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Jan 17, 2020

Poor Gas Mileage & Performance

In the past, poor gas mileage and decreased performance could often be remedied with a Do-It-Yourself engine tune-up. Nowadays, it's a completely different story! Modern engines now run on highly modified and additive-blended fuels, are

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Jan 10, 2020

Overheating Engine

It’s been said that more than half of all engine failures can be traced to cooling system problems. The cooling system is a complex mix of components, and very often one major component is totally

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Dec 27, 2019

Low Oil Pressure Warning

A low oil pressure warning light or on-dash message is becoming a more frequent complaint from owners of many late model gasoline powered vehicles, especially those with engines fitted with solenoid controlled valve lifter systems.

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Dec 20, 2019

Transmission & Driveline Problems

Wear is one of the most costly factors in operating vehicles or machinery, causing direct cost, inconvenience and lost production through engine, transmission and driveline problems. Lubricating oil viscosity (oil thickness or drag) is the

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Dec 6, 2019

EZYPOR Liquid Measure

EZYPOR Liquid Measure Perfect measuring device, allows safe and easy dispensing. Fits any plastic bottle with a 28 millimeter cap thread. (soda bottle) $9.95 Great addition to FTC Decarbonizer and Marine Diesel Stabilizer 16oz and

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Dec 6, 2019

How Much Do I Need?

Depending on the product, the amount needed can be worked out pretty easily. As the products are mixed with either the fuel (diesel or gasoline), or the oil (engine, transmission, differential or hydraulics) at a

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