Engine and Driveline Problems Solved

Pro Maintenance Additives distribute a range of highly concentrated, low “treat rate” fuel and oil additives that can save you $1000’s in repairs and maintenance over the life of your equipment, and gain many more $1000’s in resale value. These products are a result of over 30 years of research, development and testing in real-life situations, including long-haul transport operations, large scale mining, and off-road motoring.

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Diesel Particulate Filter Problems

Diesel Particulate Filter Problems - and how to solve them Most modern diesel engines are now fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) to further reduce [...]

Poor Gas Mileage & Performance

In the past, poor gas mileage and decreased performance could often be remedied with a Do-It-Yourself engine tune-up. Nowadays, it's a completely different story! Modern [...]

Low Oil Pressure Warning

A low oil pressure warning light or on-dash message is becoming a more frequent complaint from owners of many late model gasoline powered vehicles, especially [...]