CRD Fuel Enhancer: The most effective, heavy duty fuel system treatment for Ultra-Low Sulfur, Common Rail Diesels

  • Save $ on expensive CRD fuel injector & pump repair costs
  • Eliminate or minimize injector rattle
  • Protection against contaminated diesel
  • Boosts diesel lubricity
  • Anti-corrosion protection for pumps and injectors
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Compatible
  • Restores power & economy
  • Detergent based – no corrosive or abrasive solvents

32oz treats 2000 U.S. Gallons or 7600 Liters of diesel fuel!

CRD Fuel Enhancer is the real life FIX for most Ultra Low Sulfur Common Rail Diesel problems – it cleans fuel pump and injector deposits, and disperses contaminants as they form, and boosts today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel lubrication properties. It is a total CRD fuel system treatment! Use it before problems arise…