Perfect measuring device, allows safe and easy dispensing. Fits any plastic bottle with a 28 millimeter cap thread. (soda bottle)

Great addition to FTC Decarbonizer 16oz & 32oz bottles. Adds a perfect measuring device to these bottles, and allows safe and easy dispensing! So easy to use! Accurate measuring! No mess dispensing!

  • Child-proof capsEZYPOR, precise measure, accurate, no leaks, no drips

  • Fully sealed – stays on the bottle till empty

  • Excess drips go back into the bottle

  • Measures in 5 milliliter increments up to 20 milliliters

  • Re-usable – only buy it once for each product

You only need to purchase EZYPOR once. It simply screws on and replaces the original bottle cap, and it seals just as the original cap would. The caps are child proof – both where it screws onto the bottle, and also on its own cap. Fit the EZYPOR device, and gently squeeze the bottle which fills up the clear plastic chamber in 5 milliliter increments up to 20 milliliters, allowing for a precise measure.