The clever way to purchase 2 of the most popular products, at a value-for-money price! Reinvigorate your engine –

  • remove sludge and hard carbon from all oil-wetted parts of the engine
  • restore power and performance by thoroughly cleaning the fuel system

The Flushing Oil Concentrate & Cleanpower Value Pack contains 2 very effective products to ensure your vehicle’s engine lubrication and fuel injector/carburetor system – be it your car, truck, RV, boat or machine, is kept clean and operating as it should.

The pack contains:

  • Cleanpower – the ultimate in cleaning complete fuel systems. It removes fouling deposits in fuel injectors and carburetors, even stubborn ones, that most “off the shelf” products won’t touch. A heavy duty, complete fuel system treatment. Restores power and effiency.

  • Flushing Oil Concentrate – a heavy duty, solvent-free engine flush concentrate allows operators to restore full cleanliness to the entire crankcase, removing all engine sludge and freeing sticking piston rings to restore cylinder compression, and control engine blow-by and exhaust smoke. Use it at the time of engine oil change.

Save money by purchasing these products at a discounted combination Value Pack price!
4 Value Pack sizes to choose from…