Flushing Oil Concentrate can restore pristine cleanliness to the dirtiest of engine internals (diesel and gasoline), and has saved thousands of engines from expensive rebuilds.

  • Eliminates engine sludge & hard carbon
  • Releases stuck piston rings
  • Reduces smoke, blowby & oil use
  • Restores cylinder compression
  • Stops diesel engine oil going black straight after an oil change
  • Use in all engines, transmissions & diffs
  • Detergent based – no corrosive or abrasive solvents

Flushing Oil Concentrate is a remarkable product, and is possibly the most effective treatment in removing harmful and performance draining sludge, hard carbon and other contaminants and deposits from oil-wetted engine components. Not only does it restore full cleanliness to the entire crankcase, removing all engine sludge, but it also frees up stuck piston rings, restoring compression and oil control and reducing blow-by.

Use it now before it’s too late! Restore your engine to like new cleanliness and performance.