FTC Decarbonizer is a unique combustion catalyst. It oxidizes hard carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces, turbos and DPF’s. It makes fuel combust much faster, easier and cleaner, significantly reducing emissions! And it extends engine life.

  • Deglazes cylinder bores & de-cokes engines
  • Curtail oil use and blowby
  • Reduces or eliminates exhaust smoke
  • Restores engine power and fuel economy
  • Prolongs turbocharger life
  • Significantly reduces harmful emissions
  • Fast cold starts
  • Cleans Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)
  • Eradicates diesel fuel growths

32oz treats up to 400 U.S. Gallons or 1500 Liters of gasoline or diesel fuel!

This unique chemical product is THE real life FIX for engine-destroying cylinder glaze (which is essentially carbon packed into the cylinder bore cross hatch) and carbon in combustion and exhaust spaces. Use FTC Decarbonizer before you rebuild your engine…