Why do many engines continue to overheat, especially when there’s no loss of coolant/antifreeze, and it runs fine until more power is required, e.g hitching up a trailer, climbing a mountain range, or increasing the cruising speed a bit? Why does your transmission get so hot when you push it just a liitle more? Before you spend big dollars fitting –

  • larger radiators with hi-flow cores
  • larger cooling fans
  • extra oil cooler kits
  • performance thermostats

try a simple though highly effective solution to your engine or transmission/driveline overheating problem. Give the Overheating Value Pack a try. You’ll save money!

The Overheating Value Pack combines essential additives to address the basics of often ignored problems of overheating stemming from oil related issues.

  • Heavily contaminated oil is a major cause of component overheating
  • Sludge and hard carbon on oil-wetted surfaces, causing heat to be retained
  • Frictional heat build-up increases engine temperature dramatically

The pack contains:

  • AW10 Antiwear – provides a massive strength increase to engine, transmission and hydraulic oils. In doing so, there is a huge reduction in frictional heat generation.
  • Flushing Oil Concentrate – dissolves and suspends contaminants, hard carbon and sludge, allowing lubricating oil to flow more freely, dissipating heat, effectively resulting in cooler running temperatures and longer service life. Use at time of oil change.

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2 Value Pack sizes to choose from…