3 very popular, heavy duty products to ensure your engine runs at it’s best, the Stop Smoke Gasoline Pack is designed to;

  • Reduce exhaust smoke and engine blow-by
  • Get your engine clean and keep it clean
  • Reduce repairs and parts wear and tear/component wear
  • Save costs on long term repairs and increase fuel economy

Stop Smoke Gasoline Pack
contains these 3 very effective products –

  • Cleanpower – removes fouling deposits in fuel injectors, even stubborn ones, that most “off the shelf” products won’t touch. A heavy duty, detergent-based, complete fuel system treatment. Restores power and effiency.
  • FTC Decarbonizer – acts as a combustion catalyst to burn carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces. It also removes hard carbon build up on pistons and cylinder bores, restoring cylinder compression – it de-glazes cylinder bores without needing to rebuild the engine!
  • Flushing Oil Concentrate –  a remarkably effective, heavy duty, solvent-free engine flush concentrate allows operators to restore full cleanliness to the entire crankcase, removing all engine sludge and freeing sticking piston rings to restore cylinder compression, and control engine blow-by and exhaust smoke. Use it at the time of engine oil change.

Save money by purchasing these products at a discounted combination Value Pack price!
4 Value Pack sizes to choose from…