The Ultimate Gasoline Pack is designed as a whole-of-vehicle pack; it is the ultimate in safeguarding your vehicle or machine against increased stress and wear on all major components, including all lubricated parts –

  • engine, transmission, differential, driveline, power steering and hydraulics

as well as restoring and cleaning the complete fuel system –

  • fuel pump, injectors, carburetors, fuel lines

and engine combustion spaces and critical exhaust system components –

  • pistons, valves, turbocharger, catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, etc.

Restore or maintain ‘like-new’ performance, and significantly increase the service life of the vehicle or machine and its components.

The Ultimate Gasoline Pack contains –

  • FTC Decarbonizer – a combustion catalyst, burns carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces, including catalytic convertors and turbo chargers. It also removes hard carbon build up on pistons and cylinder bores, restoring cylinder compression – it de-glazes cylinders without needing to rebuild the engine!
  • Flushing Oil Concentrate – a unique and remarkable product that totally removes oil contaminants, including sludge, diesel soot and other particles. And, it frees sticking piston rings! Assists in fixing engine blow-by. Use at time of oil change.
  • Cleanpower – the ultimate in cleaning complete fuel systems. It removes fouling deposits in fuel injectors and carburetors, even stubborn ones, that most “off the shelf” products won’t touch. A heavy duty, complete fuel system treatment. Restores power and effiency.
  • AW10 Antiwear – provides a massive increase to the oil strength and lubrication properties. It reduces stress and operational friction , thus reducing heat build up, and providing much smoother component operation, and extends component life.
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2 Value Pack sizes to choose from…