Remakable improvement

Brian M. Queensland, Australia
Remakable improvement

I do not have enough good to say about these products!!
I own a 2002 Peugeot 308 with a 2.0 turbo diesel. (mileage: 290K kilometers/180k miles)
When I purchased this vehicle it was at 150k (93K miles) and felt under-powered due to the mileage.
I contacted Pro Maintenance Additives and spoke with Scott Sticklen, and asked if he felt their products could help my small diesel car. After asking me some questions about the car, he suggested I use 3 products.  I used the oil flushing treatment, and I have since been running the FTC Decarbonizer and the CRD Fuel Enhancer in every tank.
Scott is extremely knowledgeable and helpful when it came to helping me sort my concerns and needs with this little diesel. (Do not hesitate to contact him, he is a joy to work with.)
Frankly, I am still in awe of the vast difference in the throttle response and power difference while driving this little car, even after the first two treatments.
When I first purchased this vehicle, before the treatments, I was getting an average of 950km per 55L tank of fuel (5.7L/100km, or 41MPG). Since treating the engine with these products I have been getting 1150-1200km (4.6L/100km, or 51MPG) from the same tank. Roughly a 20% increase in fuel economy!!
These products pay for themselves every time I need to go to the pump.
I am a firm believer in these products, and will be using them in all my diesel vehicles from now on.

I do not have enough good to say about these

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Remakable improvement2020-07-06T17:12:16-06:00

Duramax problems solved

Ryan D, Lawrenceburg, TN
Duramax problems solved

“My 2008 Chevrolet Duramax, with only 129,000 miles, was running badly and intermittently blowing clouds of black smoke at highway speeds. It had bad power loss above 65 mph – usually no throttle response above this speed. Also, it felt and sounded like the turbo was constantly surging at any speed. Over the last couple months I’ve been using FTC Decarbonizer and CRD Fuel Enhancer in the diesel fuel, and it has made a tremendous difference! No black smoke! Running so much smoother, full power again, and I’m getting 2.5 mpg better fuel mileage! I’m looking forward to the results I get from the Flushing Oil Concentrate. Great products that do as you said they would. Really appreciate your help.”

"My 2008 Chevrolet Duramax, with only 129,000 miles, was running

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Duramax problems solved2020-07-06T17:28:31-06:00

Preventative maintenance, great results

Jacques L, Quebec, Canada
Preventative maintenance, great results

“I started using the products about 6 years ago when I needed to rejuvenate a Yanmar turbo 4-cylinder engine on a newly purchase 27 year old sailboat. The engine was in very poor condition – the exhaust smoke was black, and it had little torque. As it’s a marine engine with little chance of working “hard”, it did take quite a while of using the FTC Decarbonizer and Cleanpower, along with 3 oil flushes over time using Flushing Oil Concentrate to get the engine back to as new condition. As you know, the turbo was mechanically damaged, so I replaced it.
Seeing the wonders these product can provide I started using them on my two V6 Mercedes diesel-engined vehicles. These are late model vehicles with diesel particulate filters and exhaust fuel treatment additive (DEF).
I bought both of these vehicles, used, with low kilometers. I now have 110,000 kilometers on one car, and the SUV has reached 160,000 kilometers. Both engines run with FTC Decarbonizer and CRD Fuel Enhancer. When I change the oil, I use the Flushing Oil Concentrate as you recommend. I always use high quality full synthetic oil in these engines.
I can see that the engine oil is soot/carbon free, and the oil remains clean and honey colored for a period of time.
Result is my cars perform superbly with unbelievable acceleration (for a diesel) and are very economical on fuel.
So for me these products are preventive maintenance and I know it is not a scam with the results I get.”

"I started using the products about 6 years ago when

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Preventative maintenance, great results2020-07-06T17:24:23-06:00

Noticeably less smoke

 Christian K, Oakland, CA
Noticeably less smoke

“I did the oil flush with great results as far as noticeable sludge. While not 100% free of sludge (oil now has slight dark grey tinge, but does not stain fingers when rubbing together), but the difference before and after is really striking, great product! The performance and lowering amount of smoke at start up are noticeable & engine seems quieter.
Other than sludgy oil, my main concern was a bit of blue haze I’m getting driving up grades when the engine is under load. I believe I am burning a bit of oil, not noticeable on the dipstick level or anything, but that blue haze is a tell-tale sign. After the flush, the blue haze was only just noticeable, but I think it may be as I drive more, it’s possibly improving (Cleanpower working?) I am not even half way through my first tank of Cleanpower, as I haven’t been driving tons.
Yes I do want the FTC Decarbonizer!”

"I did the oil flush with great results as far as

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Noticeably less smoke2020-07-06T17:41:06-06:00